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  • John Visti Madsen

  • Global Head of Procurement and Vendor Management at Aegon Asset Management

    "Both the book and workshop give numerous examples of easy to apply day-to-day negotiation techniques.."

    Marinko Bobic 

    Lecturer in International Relations and Diplomacy at Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

    "Peter introduced what many of us believed, but did not explore, namely that nonverbal and subconscious communication significantly shapes our negotiating behavior.."

    Jim Kraus

    Kraus Creative 

    "Using his approach, I felt much more comfortable about asking for certain concessions and in the end, I profited greatly from his good counsel."

    John D. Baker, Editor.

    Negotiator Magazine

    "NegoLogic: "It's a solid negotiation skills book, but much more - a valuable perspective on negotiation itself."