Peter Frensdorf

Author of NegoLogic and SPEAKish

Everything I do must make commercial sense to my client and that includes training, coaching & consulting. YOU must benefit otherwise I have failed and you will never call me again. In this business, reputation means everything. Training: for me the focus is not giving a pleasant experience to participants but to improve their performance in real life situations. I use special tools to assure that the result outweighs personal ego. Since 2010 I have seen some of the best and worst trainers at work. Personally I enjoy interaction with each single participant in the group, instead of just one or two. I recognize the limitations of traditional training based on preaching and teaching instead of actual cases.

And let's not forget that nothing beats performances with real money on the line. 




RECOMMENDS NegoLogic: "It's a solid negotiation skills book, but much more - a valuable perspective on negotiation itself." John D. Baker, Editor.


of recognition

Professor Verner Worm, Copenhagen Business school:

"Regarding behavioral economics and practical psychology, I view Peter Frensdorf as one of the true innovators in the world!"

Andreas Godsk Jørgensen, Assistant VP at Saxo Bank:

"Great to bring psychology into negotiation"