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Either in person or via Skype I make myself available to help proceedings in any position that suits your needs.


Copenhagen Business School, Negocia Paris, Leiden University Netherlands, executive MBA trainings.

With acclaimed books like NegoLogic and upcoming SPEAKish the way we communicate and negotiate is changing. We want you to be part of these developments. Because missing out can be a costly affair

Our Vision

Coaching and negotiation

on the highest level. A result that you can bring to the bank. That is my promise to you.

Increase Talent

Within the company we expect to find some individuals that are more capable than others. Let us improve the overall performance        

Peter Frensdorf

Our Strength

Mutual Goals

Our goal is the same as yours, to improve the overal performance of your company and provide training for a successful business strategy


Mærsk, Saxo Bank, Rockwool, KLM, Arla, ING bank and many others went ahead of you!

Business Procurement

Running a business is not easy. Together we will find solutions to increase profit without damaging relationships


Scientific research proofs time after time that the experience overrules the result. This underlines the importance of the techniques in NegoLogic and SPEAKish.